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Dairy & Meat Goat Feeds

Dairy & Meat Goat Feeds

Highly fortified feeds for superior performance, digestibility, palatability, and quality.

  • We have a line of feeds, premixes, and supplements formulated specifically for Goats.. Many producers mistakenly use dairy cattle feeds for goats, but the requirements of the two species are very different, consequently the goats do not receive the proper levels of vitamins and minerals, as well as not enough protein or energy. For example, dairy cattle feeds provide only 1/10th the levels of Vitamin E and Selenium required in a Dairy Goat ration.

  • Rations provide all the correct required levels of vitamins, and minerals; and in fact, many of our formulations have much higher levels for improved performance of the animal. Extra Phosphorusis added for lactating animals and young stock. The levels of Iron and Zinc are higher for improved skin and hair condition, higher disease resistance, and reduced occurrences of anemia. Our Selenium and Vitamin E levels are the highest in the industryProper levels reduce losses due to White Muscle Disease, reduce the incidence of retained placentas and breeding problems, and improve disease resistance. All of our Goat Feeds contain the correct copper level; our customers have never had a copper toxicity or deficiency while on our program.

Free Choice Mineral


Our own High Selenium, Free Choice Mineral formulated just for goats. Contains 27% Salt, 18% Calcium, 8% Phosphorus, Macro Minerals, Trace Minerals, Iodine, and Selenium. Each ¾th’s of an ounce of our goat mineral contains the maximum selenium level allowed by the FDA, at 0.70 mg. (Increased from 0.70 mg selenium/1oz.) This level of Selenium is higher than competitor’s.

Our higher levels of zinc and iron are important for maintaining high growth rates, preventing anemia, and increasing resistance to disease. To prevent goiter and to aid in improvement of reproductive efficiency, Iodine is included. Zinc and Manganese levels are 1200 ppm each in all versions of Goat Mineral. Zinc plays a major role in an animal’s health and in maintaining skin and hair coat. Zinc is also important in maintaining hoof health, strength, and function. Manganese is important to reproductive performance. Inadequate Manganese causes delayed estrus and reduced conception rates.

Goat Mineral contains the proper level of added copper in addition to Vitamins. All versions of Goat Mineral contain Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, and Cobolt. Many competing products lack magnesium and potassium. Does typically consume ½ to 1 ounce of mineral per day, or approximately 17# per year, equaling a cost/doe/ year of $8.16. No additional salt is needed. Contains decoquinate for the prevention and control of cocidiosis. Feed 30 days pre-kidding to does to avoid performance-reducing infections in the kids. One ounce/day provides 22.7 mg/100 lbs. of body weight of deccox. (Contains added Copper - Do not feed this product to sheep.)

Deccox® is a registered trademark of Alpharma Animal Health Inc.

Calcium 18.00%
Phosphorous 8.30%
Salt 27.0%
Copper 250 ppm
Selenium 33ppm
Vitamin A 66,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D 3,600 IU/lb
Vitamin E 440 IU/lb
+ Trace Minerals
#20005 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
$ 36.94

GOAT MINERAL w/ Vitamins

This is our un-medicated free choice mineral made just for goats. This mineral has the same specifications as Goat Mineral w/ Deccox + Vitamins. This is generally the mineral of choice for the Dairy Goat producers needing an un-medicated free choice mineral.

(Contains added Copper - Do not feed this product to sheep.)

#20007 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
$ 30.58
Bottle of Survive! for goats


Our oral Energy and Vitamin E Supplement for newborn kids, sick or weak adults, and ketotic does. Dose every kid at birth with 1 pump (4 ml) to supply: 415 IU Vit. E, 3,780 IU Vit. A, 940 IU Vit. D, and one of the highest levels of energy available. SURVIVE! is made with oil, instead of propylene glycol, to be gentler on a kid’s stomach, and is also nutritionally superior.

#500109 1 pint
Ship wt. 1.4 lbs.
$ 22.00

Boer Goat Gestation & Lactation Feeding Programs -

• Controls coccidiosis and toxoplasmosis.

• Reduces cocci infection in kids.

• High Vitamin E & Selenium eliminates ‘weak’ kids.

• Program provides correct protein, iodine, trace minerals, selenium, minerals, and vitamins.

Our highly fortified feeds for gestating and lactating meat-type doe’s are available either as complete made up feeds or can be farm blended using our supplement. These feeds were designed specifically for meat—type goats and are very successful.


A pelleted protein supplement containing Rumensin for prevention and control of coccidiosis and toxoplasmosis. Feed in late gestation (last 6 weeks) and in lactation. Feed 34R-240 at the rate of 1/4 lb. per doe/day to provide a high level (30 mg) of Rumensin.

This will ‘clean up’ the doe so that she does not shed as much cocci at kidding, which lowers cocci infection in the goat kids! This 0.25 lb of 34R Supplement also provides very high Selenium (0.70 mg) and Vitamin E (50 IU/lb.).

For about 8 cents per day 34 R cleans up cocci, prevents white muscle disease,toxoplasmosis, & provides selenium, minerals, and vitamins.

#500104 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Call for Pricing
Sample Rations
1.25# 1.5#
Gestation Gestation
Grain 1600 1665
34R Supp. 400 335
2000# 2000#
2.0# 2.25#
Lactation Gestation
Grain 1750 1775
34R Supp. 250 225
2000# 2000#
Grain 1800
34R Supp. 200

Above rations based on daily feeding levels.

Example: Gestation 1.5 is to be fed at 1.5 lbs per doe per day; in two feedings. Feed the above gestation grain mixes with a good first cutting hay 11-13% protein. Lactation rations should be fed with a good quality legume or grass/legume hay testing 16-20% protein.

Complete ready made feeds for gestation and lactation. Basic rations made with 34R Supplement.

Gestation 1.0 R
Fed at 1.0 pounds / doe per day 50# bags - #10007
Gestation 1.5 R
Fed at 1.5 pounds / doe per day 50# bags - #10008
Lactation 2.0 R
Fed at 2.0 pounds / doe per day 50# bags - #10009
Lactation 2.5 R
Fed at 2.50 pounds / doe per day 50# bags - #10010

Note: Seasonal floor stock on Gestation 1.5R and Lactation 2.0R.


A non-medicated pelleted supplement for maintenance and gestation. A source of Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals

#500003 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Special Order
Supplements & Premixes


A pelleted supplement, very highly fortified with nutrients for the lactating dairy doe. Supplies high levels of Selenium, Vitamin E, and Phosphorous–very important to maximize milk production. Also contains yeast and bicarb in the pellet. This supplement is 39% protein, and is typically included at 500 pounds per ton in a lactation diet. Special Order.

Sample Lactation Rations
with Mixed Hay with Alfalfa Hay
Grain 1500 1600
DG 500 500 400
2000# 2000#
#502000 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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40 GOAT is a pelleted protein, vitamin, mineral, and deccox supplement designed especially for growing rations fed post-weaning. Use 40 Goat Supplement pellets with your own grain to farm-blend rations for grower/finisher goats and replacement stock.

This high protein supplement will save you money; it only takes 400#/ton of our 40% to make a 15% protein feed. Our competitors usually sell 30-34% protein supplements which require 575-600 lbs/ton to make a 15% protein feed. 40 GOAT contains deccox; when you use 400# of supplement per ton you get a complete feed containing 27.2grams/ton of Deccox.

40 GOAT has higher vitamin/mineral levels and more digestible ingredients which will promote soundness, faster gains, greater feed utilization, and reduce health problems. 40 GOAT has extra calcium and ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi.

Deccox® is a registered trademark of Alpharma Animal Health Inc.

Sample Rations
15% Ration
Grain (corn, etc.) 1600
40% Goat 400
#501516 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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#2061 —25#
Ship wt. 28 lbs.
$ 56.00
Keith Kunkle Family 2009

The Keith Kunkle Family with 2009 NAILE Grand Champion Best 3 Alpine Females. The Kunkles feed their diary goats Hunter Nutrition 16% Goat.

Complete Feeds


Our complete, 16% protein, goat feed for kids, lactating, and show goats. A consistent and palatable blend. Balanced fiber and energy along with rumen buffers and yeast to reduce rumen upsets and off-feed times.

Excellent complete feed for all goats- also adds bloom to show animals. Texturized sweet feed is made with cracked corn, oats, pelleted supplement, soy oil & molasses. This ration contains no medication and is popular for dairy goats.

#20001 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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This is a texturized feed made specifically for growing wether meat goats for show. This feed is palatable, consistent and highly fortified with vitamins and minerals. Special ingredients are added to aid in building muscle while maintaining proper fat cover in show meat goats.

This texturized feed is made with cracked corn, oats, pelleted supplement, soy oil and molasses. Feed as the sole source of grain , along with about 0.33 pound of hay per head per day. Contains 27.2 grams/ton of deccox for control of coccidiosis. This ration really gets the results—controlling cocci, preventing calculi , preventing white muscle disease, and keeping goats healthy and doing good all year.

Deccox® is a registered trademark of Alpharma Animal Health Inc.

For Meat Goats topdress this feed with 4 oz. of TOPLINE per head/day to build muscle. Start topdressing with TOPLINE at least 60 days prior to showing.

#20003 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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A complete 16% protein pelleted feed in a mini pellet (1/8") form. Clean, dust free pellet is very palatable and is made with highly digestible ingredients, no cheap fillers. Feed GOAT 1600 R as the sole source of grain to growing/finishing kids, show goats and any goat needing a 16% protein ration. Highly fortified ration contains 30 grams per ton of Rumensin for coccidois control. Also contains ammonium chloride for prevention of calculi.

#20006 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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This texturized starter features a uniform particle size that other texturized starters lack. It is made with a pelleted supplement, cracked and rolled grains and liquid molasses. Kids really go after our texturized feed without the sorting problems as seen with competitors texturized feeds.

Feed ‘Texturized Kid Starter’ as the sole starter feed. This starter is very highly fortified and contains a double level of deccox to control coccidios. Contains 40 grams per ton of deccox. Great starting feed for both dairy and meat type goats.

Special Order — Available seasonally and as demand dictates.

#20004 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Call for Pricing

Many Goat producers prefer to use our Lamb Starters, and tell us their kids do very well. They like Texturized Lamb Starter 90B the best. View more information on Starter Feeds

Grand Champion Market Doe

2017 Clark County Fair, Ohio. Grand Champion Market Doe, shown by Kyle Larson.