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Lamb Starters

Lamb Starters

  • Nutrient dense, highly fortified formulas feature special levels and balance of nutrients, including important trace minerals: Energy and protein intake are the most limiting factors in the growth of baby lambs. Vitamin E levels and coccidiosis control are most critical for good lamb health. Hunter Nutrition has a unique Starter Feed program which addresses these concerns; thereby maximizing lamb performance and improving health.

  • 90 grams/ ton of BOVATEC is STANDARD: Very Effective cocci control is achieved when feeding 1.50 lbs. of our 90 gram starters; which results in a daily intake of 70 mg bovatec. (Starter feeds with only 30 grams bovatec would provide just 22.5 mg bovatec). Feeding instructions=Feed at the rate of 0.33 to 1.55 lbs. per lamb per day to provide 15–70 mg of lasalocid per lamb daily. Feed this ration along with hay in a dry, well lit creep area. (FDA allows 30–70 mg daily intake of bovatec for sheep and lambs).

  • LAMB STARTER FEEDS ALSO AVAILABLE WITH DECCOX: However we prefer the 90 gram/ton bovatec because of its success and the fact that their will be no cocci break at weaning. Typically we see a coccidiosis out–break when coccidiastats are changed; such as the typical change which occurs when producers switch from a deccox starter to a bovatec grower ration at weaning. Always having the lambs on bovatec prevents this. Call for pricing of Lamb Starters with Deccox.

  • 50 IU Vitamin E per pound of feed is STANDARD! Our Vitamin E level is typically 1.67 times that of the highest fortified competitors feed. High Vitamin E reduces problems with White Muscle Disease, and improves disease resistance.

  • High Energy Formulas = Less feed used and Lambs really bloom.

  • NO CHEAP FILLERS IN OUR FEED! Hunter Nutrition uses only highly digestible ingredients. Our customers report faster gains, more bloom, & less health problems with our starters. By making feeds with highly digestible ingredients we assure our customers of the best value for their dollar spent on feed, and the best performance for their lambs.

    Our starters are not the cheapest per bag– but they are the cheapest in terms of performance– cost per pound gained; which is the true measure of the cost of a feed. Most competitors use high fiber starter feed formulations, in order to keep feed prices low. Since energy is the limiting factor on growth in young lambs, fiber must be kept low and energy (fat) levels high.


‘SUPER 20 LAMB STARTER’ is 20% protein and 4% fat. It is made in a tiny mini pellet form for quick acceptance by young lambs. Our pellet is clean, very small, and very palatable. Feed it in a creep area to lambs from birth to about a week after weaning. The added fat in SUPER 20 makes for an energy dense feed, which improves feed conversion, rate of gain, and really blooms up the lambs. SUPER 20 LAMB STARTER can be used as the sole starter feed or in combination with TEXTURIZED LAMB STARTER.

#531888P — SUPER 20
Mini-Pellets 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Call for Pricing


This is our high quality 18% protein lamb starter. The same high quality ingredients go into the 18% as the SUPER 20– except that it is lower in protein and fat. Don’t confuse our 18% pellet with the competitors high fiber/low energy, pellet which often contain NPN, that young lambs cannot utilize.

#531506 — 50# (Special Order)
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Call for Pricing


This is our most popular lamb starter feed. Our 19% Protein Texturized Starter features a small, uniform particle size that other texturized starters lack. It is made with a mini–pellet supplement, cracked and rolled grains and liquid molasses.

Lambs really go after our texturized feed without the sorting problems as seen with the competitors texturized feeds. Lambs really gain and bloom on this feed. Use ‘Texturized Lamb Starter’ as the sole starter feed or in combination with Super 20 Mini–Pellets.

#10001 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Call for Pricing


This is a pelleted supplement to make farm blended texturized lamb starter feeds. Use 650 lbs. per ton with grain, liquid molasses and soy oil to make a 19% protein texturized starter. This grain mix will contain: 90 grams Bovatec per ton, 50 IU Vitamin E per lb., and the same nutrient specifications as our complete starter feeds.

#531889 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Call for Pricing
Sample Ration Feedmill
Grain (cracked/rolled) 1140
Lamb 650 Supplement B 650
Liquid Molasses 200
Soybean Oil 10
Sample Ration Farm Blended
Grain (cracked/rolled) 1260
Lamb 650 Supplement B 650
Liquid Molasses 50
Soybean Oil 40


A premix for farm blending lamb starter feeds using soybean meal and ground corn. Use one bag (60lbs.) of premix per ton of lamb starter. This starter feed will contain 90 grams Bovatec/ton, 50 IU Vitamin E/lb., and the same nutrient levels as our complete starter feeds.

#531890 — 60#
Ship wt. 62 lbs.
$ 33.57
Sample Ration
20% Starter 18% Starter
Corn, coarse ground 1200 1340
48% Soybean Meal 650 550
Lamb 60-90 Premix 60 60
Dry Molasses 50 40
Soybean Oil 40 50
2000# 2000#