2005 Indiana
County Fairs

Jeremy Russell
Jeremy Russell of Eaton, Indiana with his Supreme Champion ewe at the 2005 Delaware County Fair. Jeremy had a very successful day - winning both Suffolk and Commercial ewe in a large county show.

Jake Feller
Jake Feller with his Champion Meat Goat Wether at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair. Raised on 18 Show Lamb.

Grand Champion Boar Market Goat
at the 2005 Hamilton County Fair.
Shown by Justin Willoughby.

Ann Majors exhibited the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2005 Madison County Fair.

Geny Studebaker
Geny Studebaker with her Grand Champion Female goat at the Carroll County 4-H fair

Congratulations to Brett Warren
for taking the Champion Suffolk Ewe,
Champion Cross Ewe Lamb, and the
Reserve Champion Natural Color Ewe!