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Show Feed Additives

Show Feed Additives



Topline Contains


Actigen (MOS Pre-biotic)

Bloom Ingredients

Vitamins & Minerals

Enzymes & Yeast Culture

Rumen Buffers

Bag of Topline Feed

A pelleted show animal supplement that is fed in addition to the animals normal feed. Formulated for show lambs, calves, pigs, and goats; to aid in improving and maintaining firmness of muscling of the animals topline.

The special protein sources, which include multiple bypass protein sources, allow TOPLINE to help maintain the ‘tops’ of animals that are being worked and/or having weight held for a show. Topline contains ingredients which aid in stimulating appetite, improving feed utilization, improving overall health and disease resistance, keeping animals fresh, healthy and on feed, and maintaining a normal rumen pH.

In 2017 we have added BioZyme’s Amaferm and AllTech’s Actigen/Bio-Mos – these powerful pre-biotics increase benefical gut bacteria, reduce pathogens, improve feed utilization & digestability, improve level of microbial protein available to the small intestine, and greatly enhance the health and development of the all important rumen.

Use about 4–8 oz. per animal/day. For example: If you had been feeding a lamb 3.5 lbs. of an 18% Show Feed and you have reduced his daily feed intake to 2.5 lbs. in order to maintain his show weight, you would need to topdress 8 oz. of TOPLINE daily (split between two feedings) in order to maintain proper protein and lysine intakes which will maintain the muscling of his top.

Typically lambs and pigs would need 4 oz. of TOPLINE while these animals are being full fed. Then when animals need weight gain held you would increase TOPLINE feeding rates.

Feeding Directions: The enclosed measuring cup holds 4 oz. when filled to the top.

Feed animals at the following rates:

Show Lambs: 4 to 8 oz./day

Show Calves: 4 oz./day

Show Pigs: 4 to 8 oz./day

Show Goats: 3 to 4 oz./day

#501508 — 50# bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
$ 46.22
#501508B — 30# bucket
Ship wt. 32 lbs.
$ 39.96


5 Gallon Bucket of Show Pro Gold with a bright Yellow label on it


Better Nutrition and Price than other liquid feed supplements !!!

Show Pro Gold is a soy oil based, flavored liquid, feed supplement. Use as a source of energy, to reduce dust in feeds, improve feed conversion, & palatability.

Fat 99.0%
Met. Energy 4000Kcal/lb.
Vitamin A 80,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D 20,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin E 20 IU/lb.

Directions: Add to feed at the rate of 10–40 lbs. per ton of complete feed, or top–dress at the rate of 0.5–2.0% of total daily feed consumption.

#501593 — 40# bucket
Ship wt. 42 lbs.
$ 63.16
#501593 Bulk 2000# tote
Ship wt. 2100 lbs.
Call for Pricing



white 5 gallon bucket of Show Pro Top Dress with a blue label and black text

* Keeps Animals Healthy on Feed

* High B Vitamins Stimulate Appetite

* Aids in Digestion

* Improves Hair Coat, Adds Bloom

* Aids in Bone & Structure Development


Show Pro Topdress is formulated for Lambs, Calves & Goats

Show Pro Topdress is the cleanest, dust–free, mineral –based top–dress on the market today. SHOW PRO contains a unique blend of ingredients to help your show animals stay competitive even under stressful conditions.

Show Pro is a big help when holding animals for show. Whenever you reduce feed intake to hold a show animals weight you are reducing important vitamin and mineral intake. Show Pro Topdress can replace those lost vitamins and minerals with a small feeding rate of a few ounces.

SHOW PRO aids in fiber digestion, improves feed utilization, and maintains normal rumen pH. Regular use of SHOW PRO can aid in maintaining muscle tone, improved hair coat, add bloom, and keeps animals fresh and healthy and on feed.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: A typical feeding rate is 1/4 cup per animal per feeding on top of feed. This is equal to 1 ounce per feeding or 2 ounces daily consumption. A measuring cup is included in each container of Show Pro Topdress.

Example:A 30 lb. bucket will feed 2 animals for 120 days or 3 animals for 80 days when fed at the 2 oz./head/day rate.

Feed animals at the following rates:

Show Lambs: 1 to 4 oz./day

Show Calves: 1 to 2 oz./day

Show Goats: 1 to 3 oz./day

Sample Feeding Rates of Show Pro Topdress for Show Animals

Feeding Suggestion:
Amount of Show Pro per day
Animals on full feed 1-2 ounces
Limit Feeding Situations 2-4 ounces
Severe Limit Feeding 3-6 ounces

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (not less than) 7.50%
Crude Fat (not less than) 1.40%
Crude Fiber (not less than) 5.00%
Calcium (Max. 11.0%) Min. 10.00%
Phosphorus Min. 4.20%
Salt Max. 7.00%
Vitamin A 67,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D 19,500 IU/lb
Vitamin E 300 IU/lb
#501590-10 —10# bag
Ship wt. 11 lbs.
$ 19.29
#501590-30 — 30# bucket
Ship wt. 32 lbs.
$ 45.35
#501590-50 — 50# bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
$ 51.14

Fill Pellet

Show Pro “Fill Pellet” is a pelleted show animal supplement that is fed in addition to the animal’s normal feed. “Fill Pellet” is fed to Show Calves, Pigs, Goats and Lambs to aid in improving the “full appearance” of those animals.

“Fill Pellet” expands and retains water in the animal’s stomach, which is especially helpful in keeping a full appearance when limit feeding. Feed ‘Fill Pellet’ as a replacement to beet pulp. ‘Fill Pellet’ also contains live yeast culture, enzymes, lactobacillus, and rumen buffers which aid in fiber digestion, improve feed utilization, and maintain normal rumen PH.

The B vitamins stimulate appetite and help keep animals on feed. ‘Fill Pellet’ also contains ingredients which aid in stimulating appetite, improving feed utilization, improving bloom, keeping animals fresh, healthy, on feed and maintaining normal rumen ph. ‘Fill Pellet’ is a better and more economical choice than straight beet pulp for fill. ‘Fill Pellet’ with its probiotics, enzymes, higher protein & fat levels and B vitamins has additional advantages over feeding straight beet pulp.

#501591 — 50# bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
$ 19.16