2011 Catalog

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Rabbit & Cavy Feed
Lecithin ~ Aids in prevention of hair-balls. Lecithin is more effective than Papaya in the prevention of hairballs, due to Papaya being rendered ineffective through the pelleting process.
Yucca ~ Aids in ammonia (odor) control.
Precise Formulations ~ All nutrients are balanced and at optimum levels. Proper nutrient levels are important for improving performance, preventing disease by strengthening the immune system, increased bloom and vigor, increasing feed utilization, and reducing off feed times.
Oral Keto Gel

Our 17% protein pelleted rabbit feed is designed to be the sole ration fed to rabbits. It is formulated to maximize litter and milk production in does, improve feed efficiency, stimulate healthy skin and hair, and promote ideal growth and development of young rabbits. 17% Rabbit is good for show rabbits, adult rabbits, and growing rabbits.

#500001 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
Oral Keto Gel

Our pelleted cavy ration is designed to be the sole ration fed to guinea pigs and hamsters. It is formulated to promote healthy skin and hair, improve overall health, and provide supplemental Vitamin C required by guinea pigs and hamsters.

Special Order

#500004 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.

A complete 17% protein layer feed for chickens. Clean, palatable crumble that laying and farm flock chickens really like.

#50103 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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