2011 Catalog

Show Pig Feeds
Contains special protein sources, such as fishmeal for muscle development.
All Pig feeds are High Lysine!
Our Show Pig 18-120 available as a Pellet or a Meal.
Optimum vitamin/ trace mineral levels.

SHOW PIG 18-120
“Nutritionally Superior Formula
Puts on Muscle and Correct Finish!”
18% protein, 1.20 % Lysine! This is a very high lysine ration for show pigs. Best used as a full fed ration for young show pigs, then as a limit fed ration to pigs that need to have their weight held without losing muscle. This feed is balanced to provide for all the nutritional needs of the animal, and should be the sole source of feed for show pigs. Our customers tell us SHOW PIG 18 –120 ‘held’ their pigs – putting on muscle – not fat!
Pelleted form

Available seasonally

#50100 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.

Nearly all of our customers use SHOW PIG 18–120 from the time they get their pigs thru the show. They start the pigs out on full feed. At about 80–90% of show weight they begin limit feeding SHOW PIG 18–120 to about 5–6 lbs. Additionally they topdress 4–6 ounces of TOPLINE daily.

Customers say–
to their Show Pigs.

Build Muscle, burn Fat!

Pigs at Fair

fed pigs win!

Topline in Bag

A pelleted show animal supplement that is fed in addition to the animals normal feed. Formulated for show lambs, calves, pigs, and goats; to aid in improving and maintaining firmness of muscling of the animals topline. The special protein sources of TOPLINE help maintain the ‘tops’ of animals that are being worked and/or having weight held for a show. Topline also contains ingredients which aid in stimulating appetite, improving feed utilization, keeping animals fresh and healthy, and maintaining normal rumen pH. Use about 4–8 oz. per animal/day. For example: If you had been feeding a lamb 3.5 lbs. of an 18% Show Feed and you have reduced his daily feed intake to 2.5 lbs. in order to maintain his show weight, you would need to topdress 8 oz. of TOPLINE daily (split between two feedings) in order to maintain proper protein and lysine intakes which will maintain the muscling of his top. Typically lambs and pigs would need 4 oz. of TOPLINE while these animals are being full fed. Then when animals need weight gain held you would increase TOPLINE feeding rates.

Feeding Directions: The enclosed measuring cup holds 4 oz. when filled to the top. Feed animals at the following rates:
Show Pigs– 4–8 oz./day

Price subject to ingredient cost fluctuations

#501508 — 50# bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.

#501508B — 30# bucket
Ship wt. 32 lbs.

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