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Inforce 3™ Article 2017

Bovine respiratory disease continues to be the number one cause of death in nursing beef calves 3 weeks of age and older, stocker, and feedlot cattle in the US. This disease is believed to result in excess of $1 billion loss to the industry. Components of respiratory disease often include a stress combined with the presence of viruses (IBR, BRSV, BVD, and PI3) and/or bacteria (Mannheimia hemolytica, etc.). By the time that symptoms occur, the losses have already begun to mount. Currently the best method that we have for controlling the disease is to minimize stressors and develop a complete respiratory immunization program.

Inforce 3 ™ is a unique 2 cc product that is sprayed into a nostril of the calf and often provides the building block for respiratory disease protection in cattle by protecting against the viruses IBR, BRSV, and PI3. Additionally, Inforce 3™ has the ability to work in younger calves where antibodies received from the cow through the colostrum may interfere with vaccine response.

Research also demonstrates that administration of Inforce 3™ as the initial (or priming) dose will result in better immune response when calves receive their booster at or near the time of weaning. In older calves where stress or presence of other virus or bacteria in traditional vaccines may interfere with optimal response to vaccine, Inforce 3™ has demonstrated a unique ability to overcome these challenges and provide substantial respiratory protection. However protection is not complete unless we can also include components for BVD and Mannheimia hemolytica (present in OneShot™). Together, Inforce 3™ combined with OneShot BVD™ provides producers and veterinarians confidence that the major pathogens associated with BRD in cattle are included.

For additional information about Inforce 3™ and other vaccines that will complete your immunization program, please contact your local veterinarian or animal health supplier.

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