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Horse Feed & Supplies

Horse Feed & Supplies

  • Most companies make horse feeds based on them being cheaply priced. We make only highly digestible, highly fortified horse feeds. We expect that your horses will be healthier, live longer, and stay in better condition on less feed than on competitors brands. Our Horse Feeds are properly balanced for energy, fiber, and protein.

  • Our Texturized Horse Feeds Stay Fresh Longer These are sweet feeds which feature a unique blend of liquid molasses and soybean oil which keeps feed fresh longer and reduces drying out of feed. Only top quality ingredients are used, such as heavy northern oats and low temperature dried corn.

  • Our Pelleted Horse Feeds are Clean, Palatable, and Dust Free. We make standard and custom bagged or bulk pellet formulations for all stages. Only the highest quality ingredients go into these energy balanced pelleted feeds.

  • Highly fortified with vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin A & E and Zinc, which improve hair and skin.

  • We do all our own feed formulations and mixing in a modern facility. Our quality is so good that several other major feed companies contract us to make their horse feeds!

  • Biotin Added to all horse feeds for hoof health, hoof strength, and foot function.

Texturized Feeds


Our Most Popular Horse Feed!

This is an oat based, texturized, sweet feed. It is an excellent feed for show and working horses, as well as some young horses. Contains oats, cracked corn, molasses, soybean oil, and a pelleted supplement

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Texturized feed made especially for older horses. Clean dust free palatable source of digestible fiber, extra energy (fat) and high levels of nutrients.

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Pelleted Feeds

HORSE 1200

Our 12% protein pelleted horse feed is an excellent feed for show, mature pleasure horses and working horses. Our most popular pelleted horse feed fits many stages of a horses life.

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HORSE 1400

Our 14% protein pelleted. Horse 1400 works well for show, training, breeding, working, and racing horses as well as younger horses who benefit from higher protein levels.

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Pelleted feed with both high fat and high protein to provide energy for higher performing horses. This feed works well for showing, training, breeding, working, and racing horses as well as younger horses who benefit from higher protein levels. 14% Protein; 7.60% Fat.

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A pelleted supplement for making all types of texturized and horse feed grain mixes. 36% Horse Supplement is designed and balanced just for horses. Used by both feedmills and farms to make horse feeds. 36% Horse is a source of Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Elements. Mix 36% Horse with local grains.

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Our bagged whole oats are double cleaned, heavy oats. We add a bit of soybean oil to these as a further dust control measure. Packaged in sewn paper 50# bags these are a premium product.

Bottle of Vetericyn medicinal spray


Wound & infection treatment. Use to treat or prevent hot spots, rain rot, rashes, post surgical sites, burns, cinch fungus, ring worm, skin infections, scratches, eye infections, respiratory tract associated infections, skin ulcers, E.Coli, Salmonella, strep, and staph.

#3017-8 — 8 oz.
Ship wt. 1 lb
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#3017-16 — 16 oz.
Ship wt. 2 lbs
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Anthelcide is Oxibendazole 22.7%. The 26 gram tube treats up to a 1200 Ib horse at the 10mg/kg dose rate and an 800# horse at the 15mg/kg does rate. Effective against large strongyles, large roundworms, pinworms, and threadworms at the 10mg/kg dose rate. Use 15mg/kg to control small strongyles.

Ship wt. 0.50 lb
$ 9.10
Tube of Safe-guard Equine Dewormer paste


Safe-guard is Fenbendazole 10%. The 25 gram tube treats up to a 1100 Ib horse at the 2.3 mg/kg dose rate and an 550 # horse at the 4.6 mg/kg does rate. Effective against large strongyles, and pinworms at the 2.3 mg/kg dose rate. Use the 4.6 mg/kg dose rate to control ascarids.

Ship wt. 0.50 lb
$ 11.24
Tube of Ivermax Equine Dewormer paste


Ivermax is Ivermectin 1.87%. The 6.08 gram tube treats up to a 1250 lb horse at the 91 mcg/lb. dose rate. Effective against large strongyles, small strongyles, hairworms, ascarids, roundworms, lungworms, bots, threadworms, and pinworms.

Ship wt. 0.50 lb
$ 9.21
Bag of Zinpro Pro Care


Zinc methionine complex from Zinpro Performance Minerals. Improves coat quality, feed digestion, skeletal soundness, immune function and resistance to disease challenges.

It also aids in foot and hoof health, skin integrity and wound healing. Feed one full scoop daily to goats, sheep and llamas. Feed 1/2 scoop to poultry and rabbits.

#2112 — 2 lbs.
Ship wt. 3 lbs
$ 19.78
Bag of Zinpro Pro Care


Contains a unique combination of four trace minerals; zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt. The unique molecula·r structure of Zinpro Performance Minerals makes them the most bioavailable trace minerals available meaning more are absorbed by the animal.

Aids in like bone development disease resistance, hoof health hair/coat quality and more. Feed one full scoop daily.

#2111 — 2 lbs.
Ship wt. 3 lbs
$ 19.78