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2011 Catalog

Meat Goat


Feeds, mineral and supplements
formulated for Meat Goats

• Produce Superior Performance - Properly balanced and highly fortified diets which address each stage of production let herds maximize their potential.

• Improve Health, Skin and Haircoat - Our higher Iron and Zinc levels improve skin and haircoat. Are higher for improved skin and hair condition, higher disease resistance, and reduced occurrences of anemia.

• Prevent Urinary Calculi - All feeds feature balanced mineral levels and added ammonium chloride prevent calculi.

• Prevent White Muscle Disease - Our Vitamin E and Selenium levels are the highest in the industry. Proper levels reduce losses due to White Muscle Disease, reduce the incidence of retained placentas and breeding problems, and improve disease resistance.


Meat Goat Feeding Program:
Health Program: Deworming 3-4 times per year. Typically first deworming at pasture turnout. Then again 3 weeks later, (as needed mid-summer deworming for tapeworms), then last deworming when coming into the barns for the winter.


Pre-breeding with abortion vaccines if needed.
Pre-kidding (3-4 weeks) CD/T vaccine
(& pneumonia vaccine if needed)

Doe Feeding Program

Feed Needed
Per Doe /Year

1. Year-round access to our free choice ‘Sheep Mineral’
...(3/4 to 1 ounce daily)

22.00 lbs

2. Maintenance = pasture and hay only for open and
....early gestation period.

3. Late Gestation - last 4 weeks; feeding good quality first cutting hay.

0.25 lbs. 34R-240 Supplement/day X 28 days = lbs. 34R-240

7.00 lbs.

1.00 lbs. Corn(grains) /doe/day x 28 days = lbs. corn per doe in gestation

28.00 lbs.

3.50 lbs. Hay/day X 28 days = lbs. hay needed in gestation

98.00 lbs.

4. Lactation - 8 weeks; feeding good quality legume or legume mixed hay.

0.25 lbs. 34R-240 Supplement/day X 60 days = lbs. supplement in lactation

15.00 lbs.

1.75 lbs. Corn (grains)doe/day X 60 days = lbs. corn needed in lactation

105.00 lbs.

4.00 lbs. Hay (range 3.5 to 4.5lbs.) X 60 days = lbs. hay needed in lactation

240.00 lbs.

Total Annual Doe Requirements

Mineral (free choice) =

22 lbs.

For Hunter Nutrition Products:

34R-240 Supplement =

22 lbs.

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