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Feed Contracting & Volume Pricing Programs

Contracting Pricing Programs

We will have both Contract and Volume Pricing on selected feeds. The selected feeds for these programs will be: Lamb Starter Feeds, Aureo 4 G Crumbles, 34R-240 Suplement, Pelleted Calf Feeds, Beef Cow Pellet, Soy Hull Pellets and Milk Replacer.

Call for special contract prices and volume (pallet) discounts.

Kashen Ellerbrock Handshake Grand Champion Wether Illinois State Fair

Winner's Rewards Program
This will be our fourth year for our Rewards Program. The program showcases the youth livestock exhibitor.

Go to www.hunternutrition.com/statefairwinners to submit your photo, caption, and tell us what you won.

Merrick's Super Lamb Milk Replacer

New - Super Lamb Milk Replacer
This is the same highly fortified formula that Merricks was making until it sold it's line of milk and fat products to Milk Specialties. With the new manufacturing equipment this milk mixes very well! Super Lamb Milk Replacer is better fortified than any other formulation; now it mixes quick and easy with no clumps.

1 to 9 bags = $44.00 each
10+ bags = $42.00 each
80+ bags = $41.00 each  

BGY 28


BGY28 provides fresh, all-natural brewers yeast for livestock feeds, and other applications in an economical, palatable, free-flowing form. BGY28 is an exceptional yeast product, offering superior value and performance over its competitors. BGY28 is made with all natural ingredients, is a natural ingredient binder, and is carefully produced from the highest quality ingredients. BGY28 is specially blended to enhance and preserve nutritional quality and effectiveness.

#BGY28 50 bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.

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