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Make your lambing a happy and successful event. Do you approach lambing with concern and maybe even dread. These thoughts are most often the result of experience with lambing(s) filled with abortions/stillborns, weak and slow lambs needing lots of assistance, and everyone needing help in general. Lambing should be one of the happiest times of the year for a shepherd. Let us help you.

Two key things are needed:

1. A Gestation Feeding Program which prevents abortions, reduces weak and still born lambs, controls coccidios, prevents WMD/Se deficiency, and produces healthy viable lambs who are up quick and do not need much if any assistance.
(See Ewe Feeding Program-page 5; Aureomycin 4 G-page 16;
Sheep Mineral-page 4)

2. A Lamb Feeding program which promotes performance, feed efficiency, improves health and disease resistance; along with the resulting reduction in the labor of treating lambs. A program where coccidia and calculi are nearly non-existent are the result of how you feed the gestating ewe and how good your lamb starter feed is.

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Reusable Syringle with Needle

High quality New Zealand product! The same syringe can be used for both injection and drench by just simply changing the tips. Perfect for the small flock owner that does not want to buy both a dosing syringe and a syringe for injections.

#3031-20 — 20ml
Ship wt. .21 lbs.

#3031-50 — 50ml
Ship wt. .25 lbs.

A Masking agent that aids in establishing a maternal bond between lambs, kids, calves, or foals and their new mothers. This spray will replace the newborns original scent allowing the newborn and mother to effectively establish a maternal bond.

Ship wt. 1 lb.

700 gram jar

CL Ewe Replacer contains IGR’s and nutrient fortification. It is an excellent colstrum supplement. The enclosed cup holds 25 grams, add (2) cups to 4 ounces of water.

CL Ewe Replacer
Feed to lambs throughout their first 24 hours of life, with the first dose given prior to lambs being three hours old. The CL Ewe Replacer ‘Jar’ is very convenient to use one dose at a time if you wish. CL Ewe Replacer is also available in 50 gram and 250 gram packages.

Ship wt. 2 lbs.

Merrick's Super Lamb

Top quality milk replacer at an affordable price. Donít pay too much for milk. Some firms charge as much as $73.00 for the same bag we sell at $43.22.
1 to 9 bags = $43.00 each
10+ bags = $41.00 each
80+ bags = $40.00 each

Survive for Calves
Our multi-species Survive ! oral Energy and Vitamin E Supplement works great for newborn calves, and sick or weak adult cattle.
Dose every calf at birth with five pumps(20ml): which provides 2,075 IU Vitamin E, 18,900 IU Vitamin A, 4,700 IU Vitamin D, and one of the highest levels of energy available. Survive ! should be given at birth. Survive! is made with oil, instead of propylene glycol, to be gentler on a calves’ stomach, and it is also nutritionally superior.

Ship wt. 1.4 lbs.

Ship wt. 14 lbs.
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