"We Support the Illinois Club Lamb Youth Exhibitors 2009"

18 SHOW LAMB: Our original show lamb feed that has fed the winners since 1990. Our first stage feed, it produces a fast rate of gain & development. '18 SHOW LAMB' is known as a feed that puts on muscling, and a very hard finish.
SHOW LAMB 2000: Our second stage feed. Show Lamb 2000 is very high in protein, lysine, and contains a unique fiber/energy/protein blend. SHOW LAMB 2000 keeps a lamb's top and muscling while maintaining or reducing fat cover.
TOPLINE: Keeps their tops, maintains muscle tone and firmness. Topline is our own pelleted show supplement. TOPLINE also contains ingredients which aid in improving feed utilization, keeping animals fresh, and maintaining normal rumen PH.
SHOW PRO TOPDRESS: Vitamins * Minerals* Enzymes * Yeast Culture * Probiotics * Rumen Buffers * SHOW PRO TOPDRESS is the cleanest dust free mineral based topdress on the market. It improves digestion, keeps animals fresh, stimulates appetite, and has extra mineral for bone development and soundness.