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Dairy Cow Supplement vs. Dairy Goat Supplement

"Which is the correct feed and why?"
Why Feeding Dairy Cow Supplement To Dairy Goats is Wrong 1.) Dairy cows have different nutritional requirements than do Dairy Goats
Comparison Dairy Goat Dairy Cow
Lactation, Vitamin E (IU/kg dry matter) 15IU 38IU
Zinc 10 ppm 25ppm
Phosphorous (germicidal) 7.70 26.00
Potassium (% of total diet) .80% .80%
Selenium ppm 3 ppm 3 ppm

If you feed Dairy Cow Supplement in your grain mix to your Dairy Goats here is what they would receive. Note: Dairy cows eat 20+ lbs of feed = 5 lbs is supplement-Dairy Goats being fed Dairy Cow supplements consume 4 lbs of feed in lactation about 0.75 to 1.0 lbs of this is the Dairy Cow supplement. Remember that the nutritional requirements of a cow are fulfilled with a 20 lb feed intake since goats only consume 4 lbs a Dairy Cow feed/supplement falls way short of meeting the nutritional requirements of goats.)

Nutrients Received % Of Dairy Goat Requirements By a Dairy Cow Supplement/Feed
Selenium 0.6 ppm 20%
Zinc 5.0 ppm 50%
Phosphorous 5.20 grams 67%
Potassium .16% 20%
Vitamin E (IU/kg diet dry matter) 7.60 IU 51%
2) Dairy Cow Supplements are formulated for a 1000 lb animal not a 150 pound dairy goat.

From the above example you see that feeding a ration made with a dairy cow supplement only provides 20-60% of a dairy goats requirements. This is because cows eat 20-25 lbs of feed which includes 4-5 lbs of dairy cow supplement pellets. If you use this supplement to make goat lactation feed, your goats will consume 4 pounds of total feed, which includes 0.75 to 1.0 lbs of the dairy cow supplement pellet which you put into the mix.

3) Dairy Cow Supplements are intended for the higher consumption levels of dairy cows.

A cow might consume 4 to 5 pounds of a commercially made dairy cow supplement - if you are feeding this to goats, they are probably consuming 1/4 to 1 # of this.

4) Dairy Goat Supplements contain special ingredients that Dairy Cow Supplements do not contain.

For Example: Hunter Nutrition’s DAIRY GOAT 500 (DG500) PELLETED SUPPLEMENT contains yeast and sodium bicarb; very important ingredients in the lactating diet of productive doe’.

Hunter Nutrition.

Products Available for Dairy Goats

Pelleted Supplements –

DG 500 - Dairy Goat 500 Supplement: A pelleted supplement very highly fortified with nutrients for the lactating doe. Supplies high levels of selenium, vitamin E, and phosphorous - very important to maximize milk production. Also contains yeast and bicarb in the pellet. This supplement is 39% protein, and is typically included at 400 - 500 pounds per ton in a lactation diet.

AN 40 All Natural 40% Supplement: A pelleted supplement for maintenance and gestation. Non medicated - it is used in diets as the source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

34R or 34D. 34 R 240 Supplement w/ Rumensin and 34% Supplement with Deccox: Two pelleted supplements with coccidiastat. Feed 34R 240 (the last 4 weeks of gestation) at the rate of 1/4 # per doe per day to provide a high level (30 mg) of rumensin. This will 'clean up' the doe so that she does not shed as much cocci at kidding. Which lowers cocci infection in the goat kids!

Free Choice Mineral -

Sheep and Goat Mineral: A complete mineral, salt, selenium free choice mineral. Provides 0.70 mg of selenium per 1 ounce (the maximum allowed - and much higher than other brands). Feed as the sole source of salt, minerals, calcium, phosphorous, selenium in a free choice feeding form. Also high in trace elements such as Iodine, Iron, etc. Analysis. 18% Calcium, 26% Salt, 9% phos.

Premixes -

Several premixes available 10 pound to 100 pound inclusion products. Usually sold to customers who because of distance cannot purchase the pelleted supplements. Premixes contain no protein and are added to both a protein source and grain to make a complete feed. Premixes contain vitamins, minerals, and sometimes coccidistats and yeast/bicarb.

Complete Feeds -

16% Texturized Goat Feed: A complete grain mix made with cracked and rolled grains, DG 500 Supplement pellets, cottonseed hulls, and liquid molasses.

Dairy Goat Kid Starter Feeds: Available seasonably according to demand. Texturized or pelleted - available with high levels of coccidiastats.

Custom Mix -

Yes we do custom mixes, toll milling and we have grain accounts (grain bank) if you wish to use your grains in custom mixes. Let us help you formulate your gestating and lactation diets based on production, forage quality and doe size. This will allow you to maximize your production at the best cost.

Survive! -

Hunter Nutrition’s own oral Vitamin E and Energy supplement. A oral doser SURVIVE! provides important vitamin and energy therapy to Goat Kids, Weak and Off feed Animals, and Show Goats.

If Feeding Dairy Cow Supplement To Dairy Goats Is Wrong, What Do I Do? 1) Use a Dairy Goat Pelleted Supplement in place of the cattle or sheep supplements that you were using.
Example Early Gestation/Maintenance Last 4 weeks Gestation Lactation
Grain 1750 1675 1600-1500
AN 40 Supplement 250 ---- ----
34 R-240 (or 34% D) ---- 325 ----
DG 500 Supplement ---- ---- 400-500
Liquid Molasses Replace grain with molasses level of your preference
2000 lbs. 2000 lbs. 2000 lbs.


2) Use a Dairy Goat Premix with soybean meal (protein source) instead of pelleted supplements. (Advance to the Dairy Goat Premixes in catalog).

Premix is most often used on farms where they are unable to acquire the Dairy goat pelleted supplement because of freight - the premixes are concentrated and can be shipped UPS.

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